What Is RSO?

RSO cannabis oil

In the medical side of Cannabis, a product known as Rick Simpson Oil or simply RSO has become a staple. Many who use this product swear by it as a cure-all, citing everything from dealing with chronic pain, to treating gastric issues, and even so far as curing cancer! RSO was developed in 2003 by a man named Rick Simpson as a treatment for his metastatic skin cancer. After successfully treating himself and going into remission, Rick began promoting his oil nationwide, leading to the staple product that we have today. But what is RSO?
Speaking from a chemical perspective, RSO is an extract made with ethanol and using the whole plant, from stalk to bud. It is made by soaking the plant matter in the ethyl alcohol for several months, simultaneously dissolving the active ingredients and activating the THC. The excess ethanol is then evaporated off and the resulting sticky black substance is RSO. Fully edible and entirely activated, RSO is, gram for gram, the most potent edible that one can ingest, save distillate.
One must be fairly careful when administering their dosage, and as a result, more often than not RSO is sold in a needle-less syringe in order to facilitate this. After all, it is easier to get an exact amount out of a syringe than trying to scoop it out of a jar. It is also very important to know exactly how many mg of THC are in each gram. All store bought RSO will have a THC percentage on the packaging, often between 50% and 80% give or take a few. In order to convert this to milligrams simply move the decimal place over one space, for example, a 75.5% THC RSO will have 755mg of THC. Typically on the side of the syringe there will be notches indicating the amount of RSO in the syringe, simply divide the milligram amount by the number of notches to determine how many mg are in each section and this can be used as a method to determine your dose. If you don’t feel like doing any math however, a glob about the size of an uncooked grain of rice is a safe standard dose for a beginner. I would strongly recommend not using any more than this until you know how that amount will affect you, you can always take more, but you can’t retroactively take less.
In addition to RSO being an easier method of consumption, there are also various other benefits. Being a whole-plant extract, RSO contains a very strong terpenoid and cannabinoid profile. While present in regular bud, these compounds act very differently when ingested instead of smoked. Due to being processed by the liver and carried through the bloodstream at a slower rate, these compounds have a greater availability within your body allowing one to get the most out of their RSO in medical terms. Another plus to consuming RSO is the elimination of the need to smoke, removing the one potentially hazardous aspect of cannabis consumption. Heck, the only downside to RSO in my experience has been the taste, which is very planty, somewhat like wheatgrass but with a more “weedy” flavor.
Of all the ways that one can consume cannabis, Rick Simpson Oil has got to be among the most efficient methods in terms of its sheer medical benefit. With a profile of compounds unseen in any other form of concentrate, RSO has the potential to provide the people who need it with the kind of treatment that simply can’t be touched by other products. If you have a medical need, I would strongly recommend trying some RSO, and as a daily user of it myself I can attest to its efficacy, at least for my own treatment. Do yourself a favor and try it out, it may very well be the “holy grail” you’ve been looking for.

  • Budtender Andrew

A Love Letter to CBD

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From a Collegiate Athlete

When playing sports, we immediately subject our bodies to the possibility of a serious injury. From personal experience on this matter, you know it’s a possibility to get hurt but you never think it will actually happen to you. For me, I made it twenty-two years without a serious injury in the game I love. Soccer was my sport of choice. I chose to stick it out to the collegiate level.

I take you back to about a year ago. I had just finished my sophomore season and won our region title. We were still practicing after our games were over and I was also playing pickup games on the side. I ended up getting injured and tore my MCL. Not how I pictured ending my season, but I’m still thankful our season was at a close (my coach would have killed me if this had happened during the season). The diagnosis was under a forty percent tear, so lucky for me no surgery was necessary. I still had to deal with crutches for the first month and half. The whole process took over six months to heal to a point where I could bend my knee a little more and walk without a massive limp.

At this point you’re wondering what does this story have to do with CBD? CBD saved me! For those who have already experienced the amazing properties of CBD you will probably be able to relate to my story. If you can’t relate, than I am so happy I can share my testimony with you.

Even though at six months I was healed up and able to move around. I still knew that my movements were more cautious and I felt uncomfortable a lot of the time. I am an active person and I’m always on the go so, for me, not being able to move the same way ultimately shook my whole foundation. I kept to myself about how I truly felt and there was depression overtaking my motivation to be my active self. When you get to this kind of thought process you really start to get hard on yourself which begins a vicious cycle and it’s hard to escape. Luckily, I had a great support system in my corner. I also did not know that I would start working at Mary Jane’s a couple months later.

This is when I was introduced to pure isolate CBD derived from hemp. I was so interested in all of our CBD products, this was such an amazing opportunity to continue a healthy lifestyle and expand my knowledge for self-healing. A lot of people like to put CBD and THC in the same category, since CBD is found in a lot of cannabis strains, especially Indica strains. The misconception that they come from the same plant can simply be solved by saying having a CBD isolate will not psychoactively effect a person.

CBD acts on the body’s endocannabinoid system, creating physical changes in the body. Finally, products that anyone can try without feeling high, but still experience the healing properties of CBD. This is how CBD ties into my story.

I decided after I began to familiarize myself with CBD, that I would try a CBD isolate therapy for my MCL tear. From the research I had done I knew I needed to let CBD bind to my system, which simply means the CBD needs time to get to your blood steam to start working. I wanted this to be an efficient process so, I chose to start with CBD Isolate concentrates from PSHI (Pure Science Hemp Isolate) to get the ball rolling. A few days later I picked up a 500mg high CBD tincture to take daily. I was able to make it last about 20 days doing a quarter dropper at 25mg daily and making sure to hold the tincture under my tongue for at least 60 seconds. Holding it under your tongue ensures that the CBD skips the digestive tract and absorbs through the mucus membranes to activate in your system faster. Through the process I noticed I felt more well rested and woke up feeling productive, with excitement for the day again. I also realized I didn’t have anxiety in certain situations anymore. My view on how depressed and unmotivated I was slowly starting to shed and I was feeling like myself once again.

Now I have shared mentally how CBD mentally helped me, there was still the actual issue of my physical injury. I was already sold on CBD because of it’s proof of my mentality changing, but the physical change was even more impressive. After my MCL healed up when I ran my hand over the tear I could still feel this lump where it had repaired itself. This was all just scar tissue and you could feel it shoot through my nerves if I pressed on the spot. This is when our selection of CBD topicals made its debut. Every day, once in the morning and once at night, I would apply the rub on my knee and massage the topical in for about 2-3 minutes. I did this for three weeks consistently. When I went to feel for the lump in my MCL I could not really pinpoint where the injury was anymore. I was so shocked by this result, I just couldn’t believe it really worked that well. I mean I knew it would have helped me with everyday movement, but it went a step beyond and healed it for me completely. Fun fact, CBD actually helps repair cell damage, and that is exactly what it did.

I can proudly can say that today I am again playing soccer at a collegiate level, coaching as one of my full-time jobs and of course still working at one of the amazing Mary Jane’s locations. I really urge anyone who might be battling a new or old injury, an ailment or even a mental battle with themselves, to come stop by one of our shops and pick any of our great employees’ brains about any questions, concerns or advice on CBD treatment.

Using Cannabis for Sports Recovery

Ricky Williams, cannabis, sports, exercise

Maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle is something we try to emphasize at Mary Jane’s House of Grass. Not only can cannabis be used in tandem with healthy living; We know for a fact that cannabis can actually be used to augment our healthy living—whether it be for relaxation, pain management, anxiety relief, or even just a much-needed case of the giggles.

Today, we’re going to talk about cannabis as it relates to recovery from sports-related injuries and ailments. As an athletic person, and an avid fan of professional sports, using cannabis to help heal the body is vital to my lifestyle, and I believe it can be the same for you.

Recently, the National Football League made headlines when it said it would be willing to consider letting its players use cannabis for medicinal purposes. Currently, league rules do not allow players to test positive for THC. But current and former players have been coming out of the shadows to say that cannabis has not only been effective as medicine, but it is far superior to the opioids that have plagued the league for decades.

Last fall, we had the pleasure of hosting Ricky Williams, one of my favorite former NFL running backs, at an event in our store. Ricky was suspended from the league several times for his cannabis use, and now he tours the country speaking encouraging doubters to change their view on the medicinal value of the plant. He spoke specifically about cannabidiol (CBD) which has been proven to reduce inflammation and actually act as a neuron protector. When used in conjunction with THC, these compounds can not only reduce pain from sports injuries, but also help heal the body after incurring injuries.

I could never count the number of customers who come into my store and explain that cannabis has helped them kick the pain killer habit.

Some have even taken me aside and told me that the plant has saved their life. It’s always inspiring to hear stories like this. It reminds me to be grateful for what I have, and at the same time, thankful that these customers have found something that helps.

As an athlete myself, I tend to use cannabis after I go for long runs, or get a good workout at the gym. The CBD after a workout really helps with the recovery time it takes my muscles to heal so I can plan an intensive workout for the next day. In fact in terms of a pre workout a little THC is great for you. In mild doses the THC can distract you from the “burn” of muscles during lifting to help you get those few extra reps. For me I find that strains with low levels of a balanced THC:CBD ratio are great for relieving any aches and pains.

I would encourage anyone interested in cannabis from a recovery standpoint to come in and talk with one of our budtenders, or our medical consultants. We study this great plant for a living, and we love to educate our customers!

-Budtender Matt

Sunshine is Doing it Right

Sunshine Farms Washington, Vancouver

Sunshine Farms is an indoor grow discreetly located in an industrial section of Vancouver. You’d never know what was happening in the building until you step into the lobby and get a massive nose full of terpenes. It’s that beautiful, unmistakable scent of sweet cannabis flowering away. The deep breaths and luxurious sighs of my fellow tourists as we stepped into the facility was a sure sign that we’d found the right place.

The people of Sunshine Farms are exceptional. The growers have over 120 years combined experience and it shows in the beautiful happy plants they grow. Everyone there is friendly and happy. Of course, we all work in the weed industry, so what is there to be sad about. Right?

sunshine farms cannabis vancouver growers

One of the first things we noticed was that this grow was exceptionally clean. No debris, no spills, no vegetation on the floor. It’s very important to keep your grow spotless. No place for little nasties to lay in wait to ambush your crop.

The first room we visited was the clone room. The mother plants standing tall and proud with their little clones aeroponically rooting in the back corner. After the clones have sufficiently happy roots they are moved into a coconut bark mulch, where they appear to thrive. These are some seriously happy plants. Nothing compared to my dismal home herb garden. I’m surprised they even let me in this place. They must not know about my brown thumb. Anyway…

From the clone room we moved to the veg room where little clones go to grow up. It’s like, college for clones. They are trained carefully and lovingly pruned back to support only the best colas, as well as to help keep vegetation from allowing bugs to hide.sunshine farms cannabis vancouver mother plants

Pest control is always important to us. We look at pest control methods very carefully to make sure there are no chemicals used and no residuals left on the final product. Not all companies test for residual pesticide, so we keep an eye out for you. I’m happy to report that Sunshine uses no chemical pesticides, only natural pest control methods here. That’s a win for everyone.

The flower room was remarkable. Several strains were already showing impressive colas even though they are nearly two weeks from harvest. They’re developing some very interesting strains, like one that tested at about 4% THC and 17.6% CBD. You’ll see it on our shelves as soon as it’s ready.

sunshine farms cannabis flowering vancouver     sunshine farms chernobyl cannabis trimmed bud

Trimming and packaging were under way as we wrapped up the tour. Worker bees were diligently hand trimming some really gorgeous looking buds. Nice, large, dense nugs that looked and smelled amazing. I can’t wait for them to arrive in the store! I’ll bet you can’t either.

Overall, Sunshine has a great grow operation. Clean and well kept, and met our high vetting standards. Which is why you can now find Sunshine Farms on our shelves. Come in and get hooked up with one of their delicious strains today!

Recipe: Dankest Brownie Sundae

dank chocolate brownie infused sundae, edible, Craft Elixirs, Zoots, caramel, espresso, dessert, recipes

Love brownies? Love ice cream? Have we got a treat for you! Try this recipe on for size. Not only will you love the way it tastes, you’ll love the feeling that kicks in a bit later. The toothsome chewy brownie, plus the soft chill of the ice cream and the earthiness of the Dank chocolate syrup all combine to make a killer sundae.

dank chocolate brownie infused sundae, edible, Craft Elixirs, Zoots, caramel, espresso, dessert, recipes


1-2 10mg infused caramel espresso brownies by Zoots.

1 scoop vanilla ice cream

1 capful Dank Chocolate Syrup by Craft Elixirs (available in Indica, Sativa, or CBD)

top with whipped cream.

20-30 mg total THC (depending on number of brownies)

Cannabis Concentrates: A Beginner’s Guide

cannabis concentrates 101, how to, knowledge

Colorado sold $27 Million worth of cannabis concentrates in April 2016 alone. So what are concentrates and why is everyone buying them?

What are concentrates? Concentrates are the result of separating the cannabinoids from plant matter, increasing their density and potency using many types of extraction methods. This includes things like dabs, oils, tinctures and topicals.

Why would someone choose a concentrate over flower? Concentrates offer a higher percentage of active chemicals than raw flowers. Cannabis customers are used to seeing THC levels at 10-25% in raw flower compared to 80% in concentrates. When it comes to cannabinoids like THC, CBD, and CBG, patients want as much potency as they can get.

There is debate over certain extraction methods as many health-conscientious consumers point out that along with inhaling choice active chemicals you are also inhaling residual petroleum particles into your lungs from butane hash oil.

Remember to be a thoughtful consumer and inquire from your budtender about the starting material and extraction process used in the concentrate you are looking to purchase.

But I digress, we will attempt to simplify the processes and explain the terminology to everyone reading this who doesn’t have an industrial chemist degree.

cannabis concentrates, shatter, wax, crumble, budder, oil, RSO, rick simpson oil, hash, kief, dabs