Top Shelf Clear Strawberry

Flavor Score 100
Appearance Score 100
Aroma 100
Effects 100

Strain Description

Produced by Top Shelf

Best Use:

No specifics here either. Being as it’s not a single strain press.

Flavor Profile:


Strain Profile:

There is no strain associated with this product. It’s a “clear”. Not everything is going to plug into this format well. This is one of those things.


This product is made by Top Shelf.

Staff Review

The quality of this concentrate is “clear” from first glance. It’s a gorgeous light, clear liquid and you can smell it before you even open it. It tasted so sweet, like a sweet, fruity strawberry smoothie. Literally dangerous low temp dab with huge flavor. Makes you want to sit and smoke it all day.

I dabbed some on a low temp e-nail to regulate the heat, but I could also see myself filling a cartridge and using this as an every day vape. The high is very stony. I definitely wanted another dab immediately because it tasted so good, but I was already high from the first one. It’s a happy, spacey head high with a creeping body high that’s very relaxing. I highly recommend this for the taste, quality and instant high. Definitely earns 5 stars!