Northwest Cream Exclusive Vancouver Cannabis Dispensary

Northwest Cream by Northwest Rec

Flavor Score 85
Appearance Score 80
Aroma 80
Effects 85

Strain Description

Northwest Cream is an exclusive strain developed by Northwest Recreational. It is a sativa leaning hybrid with a finish that can only be described as “creamy”. It really is a delight, and one of our new favorites.

High: Cerebral, Focused

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Sativa-dominant Hybrid bred by Northwest Rec

Best Use:

  • Cerebral effect
  • Helps you focus

Flavor Profile:

This has a lovely “creamy” finish. It is reminiscent of a morning latte. Smooth, subtle, a bit earthy and a creamy finish.

Bud Profile:

Small dense buds covered in crystals.


This exclusive strain is developed by Northwest Recreational and a new favorite at the shop.

Staff Review

This bud is well cured, not too moist, not too dry. It looked like it had been well trimmed without too much excess leaf with a scent that flew out of the bag.

This bud smells like you are walking through a field of some sort of pungent flower, perhaps daisies. I can see why this strain is named the way it is. The inhale was reminiscent of a strongly brewed coffee with an exhale like a shot of half & half stirred in.

I felt as though I could start my day with this bud. Perhaps with my morning coffee. I would go about my Saturday morning with a blissful grace that made the rest of my day go without a hitch. This is a light, happy, cerebral high which allowed me to start my day off right.