Jazzy Fruit cannabis review House of Grass Vancouver dispensary

Jazzy Fruit by 420 Natural

Flavor 90
Appearance 95
Aroma 95
Effects 85

Strain Description

Grown by 420 Natural.

High: Cerebral, Happy, Creative, Relaxing

Sativa-dominant Hybrid

Best Use:

  • Relaxed creativity
  • Fast-acting cerebral effects
  • Pain control
  • Long lasting high

Flavor Profile:

Smell is pungent but not unpleasant, sweet with sour diesel notes. Tastes fruity with a subtle earthy undertone.

Bud Profile:

Deep green from leaf to stem, well cured, lots of hairs and tons of crystals.


Staff Review

I knew that I was going to love this bud as soon as I opened it. It just fills the room with it’s lovely aroma. It has a strong fruity aroma with a little bit of diesel and some sour undertones.

I was really impressed just looking at the bud. It’s just covered in trichomes everywhere! It’s a deep green bud but gets really light and frosty where all the trichomes are, and has clusters of long orange hairs. Pretty gorgeous bud.

It tastes a lot like Skittles candies to me. It was delicious! It does have a bit of an earthy aftertaste, but still incredibly delicious.

The high was a very frontal lobe, cerebral, creative kind of stone at first, which was a nice distraction from some back pain I was having. Then it transferred to a really discreet body high that actually helped with my Crohn’s symptoms. What a nice surprise. After about 30 mins or so I felt more like curling up and relaxing, which was also pretty nice.

I was impressed by just about all aspects of this bud and would highly recommend it for an anytime smoke.