Dab Dudes blueberry terp rocks

Blueberry Terp Rocks by Dab Dudes

Flavor 80
Aroma 85
Appearance 70
Effects 80

Strain Description

Staff Review

The looks of these dabs were strangely underwhelming considering the exceptional quality of the
effects and taste. The terp rocks were very dark and solid, and once they got to the end, it became a
powdery substance. Sort of like CBD or THCA isolate. I have no issue with this, but it does indicate
some dryness. Another thing I found peculiar about these terp rocks was that it left black carbon on all
of my nails, no matter what sort of heating method I used. I take very low temperature dabs, so they’re
fairly calculated. I messed around with timing, and it seemed no matter how cool I made that dab, it still
left black marks on my nails. I even took one that barely vaporized, and it still left carbon. I was holding
onto this for as long as possible to try and figure out a way around this, but I haven’t been able to. It’s
so strange

Smells like cotton candy! It isn’t one to fill the room, but when you put your nose up to it, it’s almost like you’re at
the carnival with sugar stuck in your hair. The taste followed suit with a very sweet and fruity profile. However, it
didn’t taste like the terps were all naturally derived. I felt sort of a disconnect between the delicious sweet flavor
and the actual “dab” taste. It was incredibly yummy regardless, and I did keep coming back for more. I found
myself combining these terp rocks with other dabs and topping bowls of weed with some of the more powdery
bits to add flavor. I really took some time to experiment with this one…

Immediately, I felt sort of foggy. I started to slouch, and got pretty tired. I didn’t feel too stoned at first,
but after about five minutes, it really hit me. A very “in-your-face” indica high crept up from behind the
cerebral enjoyment I was having whilst spacing out, and I had an urge to go to bed at 6pm. I typically
do have this type of effect no matter when I dab this stuff, so I have been saving it for the night time.
When I don’t fall asleep, the high lasts about 30-45 minutes for me, which is pretty typical for a dab in
my book.

A heavy hitting indica with decent flavor and smell.