New Addition – Swifts Chocolates


We’re pleased as punch to introduce you to a new member of the House of Grass family of cannabis products, Swifts Chocolates. These truffles are TO. DIE. FOR. No joke. Not only are they a discreet way to enjoy cannabis, they are of the absolute highest quality ingredients and the taste tells all. They are delectable.

Greenlabs – the makers of this delightful line of decadent dreaminess – use natural ingredients in their truffles. Real apples in the Apple Crisp, silky white chocolate and real cookie crumbles in the Cookies and Cream, and try the Butterscotch, coated with something magical that makes it look like copper, and taste like it was plucked from my dreams. Greenlabs boasts handcrafted, vegan, gluten free, all natural and low calorie treats. If these are low calorie, then sign me up for a few cases!

Don’t take our word for it, DOPE magazine just reviewed the Apple Crisp Truffle. Read what they had to say about it. I think they liked it, too. 😉

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