At Mary Jane’s House of Grass we’re known for our celebrity endorsements and appearances. We had the honor of hosting three cannabis advocates in 2016; Nick Hexum – lead singer of the band 311, Snoop Dogg – rap and hip hop legend, and Ricky Williams – ex NFL player turned cannabis advocate.

Nick Hexum Visits the House of Grass

Nick Hexum was gracious enough to help us celebrate our Grand Opening. He was also there to promote his brand new line of oils and vaporizer pens called the Grassroots Uplifter, which we carry at House of Grass. This was a free event for anyone over 21. And even though the lines were out the doors and around the building to meet Nick, everyone had a chance to meet the very humble and kind lead singer.

Nick Hexum 311 grassroots uplifter Nick Hexum 311 Mary Jane House of Grass Vancouver Mary Jane's House of Grass Vancouver Nick Hexum 311 band vancouver dispensary

Snoop Dogg visits the House of Grass

Then, in August 2016 we had the honor of hosting Snoop Dogg for a special event at our Vancouver dispensary, as well as several Mary Jane’s House of Glass stores around Vancouver and Portland. Snoop was especially gracious to also add a private pool party for special guests and several of our lucky loyal customers.

Snoop Dogg private pool party  Snoop Dogg performing pool party  Snoop Dogg pool party stage Snoop Dogg signs autograph Vancouver cannabis Snoop Dogg Chris Hurley glass vancouver

The event was covered extensively by local media. Here’s an article from the Columbian newspaper;

Shopping with Snoop Dogg at Mary Jane’s House of Grass


Ricky Williams Visits the House of Grass

Ricky Williams, former NFL football star turned cannabis advocate, visited the House of Grass in Vancouver in November of 2016. This soft-spoken former Miami Dolphins player suffers from social anxiety that he says is greatly improved by his use of cannabis. He has become a major advocate to help NFL players and other major professional sports players to better understand the uses and benefits of cannabis. He gave interviews to local news organizations and even a Washington state legislator at this well attended free event.

Washington legislator and Ricky Williams Ricky Williams grass girls Ricky Williams at Vancouver pot shop Ricky Williams NFL player

Who will the House of Grass host next? Stay tuned…