Cannabis Concentrates: A Beginner’s Guide

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Colorado sold $27 Million worth of cannabis concentrates in April 2016 alone. So what are concentrates and why is everyone buying them?

What are concentrates? Concentrates are the result of separating the cannabinoids from plant matter, increasing their density and potency using many types of extraction methods. This includes things like dabs, oils, tinctures and topicals.

Why would someone choose a concentrate over flower? Concentrates offer a higher percentage of active chemicals than raw flowers. Cannabis customers are used to seeing THC levels at 10-25% in raw flower compared to 80% in concentrates. When it comes to cannabinoids like THC, CBD, and CBG, patients want as much potency as they can get.

There is debate over certain extraction methods as many health-conscientious consumers point out that along with inhaling choice active chemicals you are also inhaling residual petroleum particles into your lungs from butane hash oil.

Remember to be a thoughtful consumer and inquire from your budtender about the starting material and extraction process used in the concentrate you are looking to purchase.

But I digress, we will attempt to simplify the processes and explain the terminology to everyone reading this who doesn’t have an industrial chemist degree.

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4 thoughts on “Cannabis Concentrates: A Beginner’s Guide

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  2. Thanks 4 sharing your story……I’m disabled and go through quite a lot of pain but unfortunately it is not legal in my state for medical use yet!!!

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