Sunshine is Doing it Right

Sunshine Farms Washington, Vancouver

Sunshine Farms is an indoor grow discreetly located in an industrial section of Vancouver. You’d never know what was happening in the building until you step into the lobby and get a massive nose full of terpenes. It’s that beautiful, unmistakable scent of sweet cannabis flowering away. The deep breaths and luxurious sighs of my fellow tourists as we stepped into the facility was a sure sign that we’d found the right place.

The people of Sunshine Farms are exceptional. The growers have over 120 years combined experience and it shows in the beautiful happy plants they grow. Everyone there is friendly and happy. Of course, we all work in the weed industry, so what is there to be sad about. Right?

sunshine farms cannabis vancouver growers

One of the first things we noticed was that this grow was exceptionally clean. No debris, no spills, no vegetation on the floor. It’s very important to keep your grow spotless. No place for little nasties to lay in wait to ambush your crop.

The first room we visited was the clone room. The mother plants standing tall and proud with their little clones aeroponically rooting in the back corner. After the clones have sufficiently happy roots they are moved into a coconut bark mulch, where they appear to thrive. These are some seriously happy plants. Nothing compared to my dismal home herb garden. I’m surprised they even let me in this place. They must not know about my brown thumb. Anyway…

From the clone room we moved to the veg room where little clones go to grow up. It’s like, college for clones. They are trained carefully and lovingly pruned back to support only the best colas, as well as to help keep vegetation from allowing bugs to hide.sunshine farms cannabis vancouver mother plants

Pest control is always important to us. We look at pest control methods very carefully to make sure there are no chemicals used and no residuals left on the final product. Not all companies test for residual pesticide, so we keep an eye out for you. I’m happy to report that Sunshine uses no chemical pesticides, only natural pest control methods here. That’s a win for everyone.

The flower room was remarkable. Several strains were already showing impressive colas even though they are nearly two weeks from harvest. They’re developing some very interesting strains, like one that tested at about 4% THC and 17.6% CBD. You’ll see it on our shelves as soon as it’s ready.

sunshine farms cannabis flowering vancouver     sunshine farms chernobyl cannabis trimmed bud

Trimming and packaging were under way as we wrapped up the tour. Worker bees were diligently hand trimming some really gorgeous looking buds. Nice, large, dense nugs that looked and smelled amazing. I can’t wait for them to arrive in the store! I’ll bet you can’t either.

Overall, Sunshine has a great grow operation. Clean and well kept, and met our high vetting standards. Which is why you can now find Sunshine Farms on our shelves. Come in and get hooked up with one of their delicious strains today!

Farm Review: Shango

shango cannabis washington obama kush flower

Shango is a well-known brand in Oregon, you may have noticed their stores in Portland, but they are new to the Washington market. They are the only farm to be endorsed by Tommy Chong and able to produce the Chong’s Choice cannabis line in Washington. Even better, Mary Jane’s House of Grass is the exclusive dealer for Shango and Chong’s Choice in Vancouver. We recently visited the facility to check them out.

Pulling up to the Shango facility, nestled in among wine vineyards, I noticed the large industrial building with an enormous CO2 tank on the outside of it. The large tank struck me as odd, because I knew they weren’t doing extractions. It was explained to me that the CO2 was used as an innovative pest control. The CO2 is pumped into the sealed grow rooms long enough to destroy any pests or threats to the vegetation, but not long enough to damage the plants. How cool is that?

As we entered, we passed huge vats of nutrients being funneled to all the plants via an underground maze of distribution lines. Walking further into the building we saw a new veg room being set up and prepped. In one room one of the master growers was lovingly trimming and clipping away at plants. It was apparent that growth and expansion were taking place. Overall the facilities were extremely clean and sterile.

Dave, one of the owners, gave us the tour. He explained that this facility had only been in operation for 30 days. Which is pretty impressive considering that they’ve already harvested their first crop. They have about 15 strains in production, including the Tommy Chong approved line; Chong’s Choice.

shango WA cannabis growers first harvest
Shango WA team at 1st harvest

Robby, the other owner, was excited to share information about a few new strains they were developing. True Blue was one they were stoked about because of the extremely high THC test results. He shared goals and future visions for the company with great exuberance.

From there we followed him to a small room in the back of the facility – the curing room. It was glorious. Imagine an immense amount of curing marijuana in various tubs and jars, being burped, and loved to perfection. Plants are harvested and dried for 15 days prior to curing for 10 more days.

The trimming room had stations with trimming scissors and screens and everything you need to be a trimmer. Sterile, clean, and productive. They keep trimmers to a minimum in order to control quality. The idea is to maintain a minimal chain of control over the bud so that the final product is of the highest quality.

Overall, Shango is an amazing company with a fantastic, friendly staff. The facility is impressive and meticulously clean. The people in charge are exceptionally knowledgeable in their field. They have even designed lighting systems for the industry.

Farm Facts:

  • 25 years growing experience
  • Farms in WA and OR
  • Indoor Grow
  • Located in Woodland, WA
  • Operational since May 2016
  • Tier2 Producer/Processor
  • Exclusive in Vancouver to Mary Jane’s House of Grass!

Strains You Can Find at Mary Jane’s:

  • Pink Frost
  • Obama
  • Afghani
  • Blackberry
  • Chocolate Chunk
  • Granddaddy Purple
  • 9lb Hammer
  • Big Black Cherry
  • Big Wreck
  • XJ-13
  • Green Crack
  • Jack the Ripper
  • PDX
  • Blue Magoo
  • Pennywise
  • True Blue

Come in and ask us what our favorite strains are!