Perhaps one of the greatest answers we have heard in a ‘Featured Glassblower’ interview yet, Zach Faust replies to our question, ‘What would you do in a zombie apocalypse?’ with ‘I would give edibles to any zombie I came into contact with, making them all chill out.”  This is one of the many reasons we love Zach.  Mary Jane’s relationship started about seven years ago as Zach began selling glass to our stores.

This past year, we have been lucky for Zach to join us at our Mary Jane’s Glass Productions studio, adding a mature but fun vibe to the shop!  Zach still works independently, both out of our shop and out of his home studio in Tigard, but he is considered a forever part of the Mary Jane’s family. Zach Faust Zafa Glass mini rig

In the summer of 2000, after watching his friend James Lynch (aka Hicdogg) blow glass, Zach jumped at a chance to get behind the torch and never looked back.  After only 6 months of practicing, playing, and learning, he quit his day job and committed himself to learning the trade.  Over the years, Zach has worked with a variety of glass blowers across multiples shops and also with Diablo Glass.  Zach credits his true basis and understanding of glass theory and production to Diablo.  Although Zach is humble and you’d have to pull it out of him, he will tell you he has worked along Bob Snodgrass, Kobuki the Marble Master, and other heavy hitters in the glass game.

Another example of Zach’s radness is the description of his favorite work of art!  Zach made a dragon sculpture for a class of first graders.  He assembled it in front of them, and then they took it to their classroom and wrote stores about the dragon.  Zach says the looks on their faces during the creative process, and the stories they came up with, were priceless!  We also asked Zach his favorite dad joke;“What does an annoying pepper do?  It gets jalapeno face!”  See what we mean? Zach is awesome. Zach Faust glass illuminati lucy banger hanger

Artistically, Zach is known as Zafa Glass so make sure you are following him on Instagram, immediately.  Zach wants Mary Jane’s customers to be the first to know about his new series of ‘Zafa Rigs’ and a new coloration design he is preparing to launch this October to MJ stores exclusively.  The unique, handheld rigs have nice function to become your daily driver.  As for this new coloration design, the ‘fume fade’ is essentially a coiled up, fumed lattichino, with a fume fade under it.  This combination of techniques will provide some exceptional color changing effects with usage.  Zach says, “I have been getting excellent results in the variety of colorations in these pieces and am very excited to release them.”

In regards to any and all of Zafa Gass, Zach hopes you enjoy using the pieces as much as he enjoys making them.