Goliath Glass blower
DJ “Goliath” at work

If you are looking to learn about the personality behind the glass of your favorite artists, put on your seat belt and follow Goliath Glass on Instagram at your own risk (@__goliath__). DJ began blowing glass in Tri-Cities, Washington over 10 years ago, and plans to continue his growth exponentially in the coming years. He says he “is blessed he has gained the following” he has over the past year but wants to ensure his fans and followers that he always wants his glass to be accessible to everyone.

Mary Jane’s has been purchasing glass from Goliath for five years, and we have witnessed his evolution in style, function, art, and personality. Goliath started with years of production work, making $5, $10, and $15 spoons, pipes, and bubblers. That allowed him to save money for new tools and materials to expand into bigger and more unique pieces.

Goliath glass hand blown raptor dab rig
Raptor rig by Goliath Glass

He says his ‘breakout’ piece was his recognizable ‘quad recycler’ in January of 2016, which helped earn him the title of Dope Industry Awards Best Glass Blower. From his Quads, DJ never wanted to be labeled as a ‘one-trick pony’ and began developing his new line of Raptors. After a year of success with the Raptor line, DJ has decided to make the original series ‘extinct’, and to release his Raptor 2.0. This new line will feature a remodeled body, reshaped figure, and a showerhead diffuser.

In addition to the new Raptors, DJ is taking it back to his roots. For his first two years of glassblowing, DJ only made pendants. With his advanced skills and new inspiration, DJ is revisiting the pendant game with his ‘Nebula’ series.

Mary Jane’s loves to teach our family of followers about glass, but we are honored when we get to share the ‘behind the scenes’ personalities of glass artists that many don’t get the opportunity to experience. DJ is one of the hardest working (and hardest playing) glassblowers we have met. He shows up to the studio almost every day, often arriving early and being the last to leave. He comes in and acts like he’s broke, striving to create the next cool thing, encase the next size opal, arrange the next big collab project, make the day of one of his fans, make his shop mates laugh, help ensure the safety of new glassblowers, and more.

When we asked him his biggest goal for 2017, DJ responded, “I want to further promote myself through social media to create relationships with people I couldn’t normally meet.” He also jokingly said, ‘I wish I could hold myself up and spin me around like in Dirty Dancing,” while getting out of his seat to play Frank Sinatra’s “I Did it My Way” on the jukebox. That’s why we love you, DJ!