drewbie drew hardy blowing glassMary Jane’s House of Glass has worked hard to provide our customers with the finest local glass art.  We stock our shelves with well-known artists who have years of experience blowing glass.  However, we also have plenty of glass that isn’t so easily connected to a popular name.  We want to take this month to recognize an up and coming glassblower, and more specifically, an emerging artist who is already part of the Mary Jane’s family.

Drew Hardy graced our retail floor for over 3 years, working his way from a Sales Associate in Vancouver, Washington to a Junior Manager of a new store in Portland, Oregon.  Drew’s dedication goes almost unmatched, as he moved cities for the chance to work at a Mary Jane’s location that was hiring at the time he was looking for employment.  He has since jumped at the chance for a trial run of a glassblowing training program at Mary Jane’s Glass Productions, a program reserved for our best performing Glassperts from Mary Jane’s House of Glass.

In October of 2015, Drew became addicted to the craft of borosilicate glass art.  He said, “the journey learning to blow glass has been amazing thus far, it is like nothing else I have ever experienced.” He explains he went through a lot of internal struggle at first, but attributes his success to keeping a good attitude and utilizing a lot of concentration.Drew Hardy drewbie glass pink pendant dichro

Perhaps this was learned from Drew’s #1 inspiration, his step father, who earns Drew’s high respect for having never graduated high school but becoming a business owner with his hard work and a smile on his face.  Drew’s cool, calm, and collected personality has made him stand out as ‘Employee of the Month’ on multiple occasions, has made his team love working with him, and has no doubt helped him learn his new craft so quickly.

Drew’s favorite piece to date is a dichro opal pendant he made with the help of @Glassmaze_, who taught him the importance of keeping your moves precise.  Drew also gathers inspiration from his shop mates, DJ of @__Goliath__ for his positive energy and work ethic and Chris of @HurleyGlass for his precision and knowledge.  Keep your eye out for more work from @DrewbieGlass! He is a genuinely good dude, a great creative mind, a positive personality to have around, and he deserves your support!

For fun; Two Truths and a Lie!

  1. Drew was the head of his elementary school D.A.R.E. program.
  2. Drew swam with dolphins in Florida when he was 12 years old.
  3. Drew went to Cambodia for a month when he was a freshman in high school.

Drewbie glass alien carb caps brain slugs

Two Truths and a Lie Answer: 2 is a lie!