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Glass brings both family and friends together for Aaron Witzel of WITZ Glass.  Twenty-one years ago, Aaron watched his friend making pipes out of a school bus and was immediately intrigued.

He purchased his torch and kiln only weeks later and has experienced his life as a pipe-maker give him freedom and a deep sense of pride.  ‘I’ve worked with some of the best in the game and am blessed to do what I do,” says Witz.  “I have a lot of friends who are really amazing glass artists, so for me, I am blessed to be able to kick it with my friends and create art.”  Aaron’s favorite work so far has been a collaboration with Arron Siverson, who he’s known for 17 years.

Aaron is also honored to mention that his son, Mountain, is following in his footsteps at 19 years old, and that the independent scheduling of glassblowing allows him to spend quality time with his kids.  Creating glass art with his son is one of the best feelings he has experienced as a dad.  Aaron’s own parents are also a huge source of his inspiration to shine.  He credits their constant love and says they are the “most amazing people I know.”

As family is also at the forefront of our business, Mary Jane’s House of Grass is pleased to carry the new WITZ line of Gandalf pipes, displaying Aaron’s inside-out fume tech.  His cane and fume pipes are also second to none.  Witz enjoys making both large ornate pieces, and smaller simpler pieces, so there is a Witz for everyone!

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